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Hi! My name is sabrina! I have been a photographer since i was a teen but didn’t take it serious until I was in my 20’s. One of my favorite memories growing up is when i’d buy disposable cameras for any field trip or any new place i would be visiting. I still have a bag full of cameras that i never developed when i was younger. ha! Still working on finding a way to get those developed.

It was fairly recent that I realized Photography is my true passion and I could actually do something with it. I will be celebrating my 4th year in business this may! I’m so excited for 2019! I truly love what i do. the people i have met along the way whether they are clients or photographers has really made a difference in my life. each experience with my clients new or old is the best part about my job. i get to capture some of the biggest moments of life and document it and it really makes me so happy to be apart of that moment. I enjoy every minute of every session I have the pleasure of shooting. I love everything from the small details to figuring out the perfect location for the moment. My goal is to make you feel comfortable and have fun along the way!

My life aside from photography consists of spending time with my handsome husband, Mike and the newest member of our family, Apollo. We recently rescued apollo from our home town of Visalia and I believe it was meant to be 100%. I love working out, exploring anything new whether its food or a new city,, and spontaneous adventures!

Some of my favorite things are: lattes, watching movies at the theatre (with popcorn of course), a nice glass of pino grigio, and sushi! If you’d like to chat over coffee or have any questions feel free to shoot me an email. Can’t wait to meet you!